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Hi! I’m Line Jensen who’s designing and producing events from wonderful Copenhagen – the capital of the land of Hygge; Denmark. My blog was created for the busy, endependent and goodhearted life jugglers, to help you take the hassle out of the art of entertain. Instead of stress and a eventfree life, you too can spend the energy on enjoying good company and collect fantastic social experiences.


I’ve spend my life doing special events. Quite large productions as a professional with designers, chefs, builders, venues etc to help make it happen. While small gatherings in my private home in any kind of form has been my signature since i got my very own apartment as a 19 year old blond scandinavian.

When all my friends went around the world with their backpacks in their early twenties, I was rifting magazines apart with inspirational pictures (it was before pinterest, instagram etc, well almost before internet – no comments please) for dreamy eventdecoration and tempting recipes. And then try to copy the settings in my bachelorette pad.

As a child I watched my mother being a master in hosting dinnerparties. She could cook like a pro and make the house and the guests full of good vibes, gratitude and “hygge”. My grandmoher always photographed tablesettings, pretty plates and flowers – She should have lived now and would have been an instagram queen!

In other words it is in my blood – But it doesn’t has to be in the blood, you can easily be your own eventmanager- just stay turned and i’ll guide you and hold your hand all the way.


After studying stagemanagement and props at the National danish school of theater in Copenhagen, I worked for a few years as theater professional in Copenhagen. Graduate as a creative manager, with arthistory, workpsychology, intricate coordination systems and the feeling of being ready for the world, like only a newly graduated can feel – the Copenhagen theater business disapointed me.  When I was offered a job as a production and project manager for large bussiness events and small exhibitions in the meat packing district of Copenhagen – I did not hesitated.

Life being the unpredictable force that it is brought upon many changes in the form of a beautiful son, cross-europe move, divorce and back. All the way back!
While I was abroad my creative one-of-a-kind grandmother died. She lived in an annex next to my parents in the danish countryside, and was a perfect getaway from my parents in my teens . Luckely my parents never sublet their  annex –  Coming back with my son and nothing else, my son and I lived in my grandparents furnitures in my parents annex. Talking about starting from scratch.  While pulling myself out of fetal position with an indescribable help from my parents, I earned my money at a suburb culture house * and music school coordinating small events for the locals. But Copenhagen was calling me home.

I started freelancing doing art and business events;  Gourmet perfomance, transforming large abandoned workshop into seminar and party venue, decorating both stand at a fair, staging bank managers ongoing educating at a fancy hotel into creative and inspiring surroundings and producing award show. I found myself and my son an apartment in the worst area in Copenhagen, but offcourse equalized it by hosting a great champagne housewarming with pretty macarons. While working and raising my son we (thank god and generous people) moved and love found me. I could breath again.

We all struggle with the work life balance. I refuse to spend my only childs (i wanted five) childhood on always being behind with time, with money, with energy, with … you know how it is.   I will reinvent and create a life I love for me and my son. While searching for a way, I found that I am able to use my background in event managing, planning, aesthetics, storytelling, hosting and service into the virtual world, and since I am a planner, I plan to never look back.

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This bio is not complete without sharing the ones that share my adress – My son, my boyfriend, my boyfriends children. And my adorable future dog that will live with us as soon as we have convinced the cooperative we live in to change the rules about dogs…. This picture (at least the ones with my son and my boyfriend…) is chock full of unconditional love for this hard working lady and I’m grateful each day for them.

Thank you so much for reading! Please stay in touch. You can find me on Facebook and Instagram. If you’d like to work together, please shoot an email to linexjensen(@)
I am also available to be hired for creative consulting, event planning or prop sourcing. My services and rates range depending on the details of the project, so please do not hesitate to email me at linexjensen(@) or fill out the “GET IN TOUCH” form provided in contact.



*The local culture houses in Denmark have several different offers and activities. A Danish culture house can be compared to a community/culture center available to the local citizens – a place to participate in cultural and leisure activities.
Denmark has culture houses with activities for everyone, especially for families and children. You can find anything from concerts, yoga, music, dance classes to theater plays and flea markets.