Halloween decoration

Its just the recent years that Halloween has been a thing in Denmark. When i was a child there was no halloween, which means we don’t have any traditions. The poor children have to live with Halloweens planned by a generation with just some american blockbusters to teach them what it is. But we learn fast and every year it gets bigger and bigger in our little country. All the political correct organic mothers are going bananas in color candy – hidden themself by a scary mask. And a lot are really getting the hang of it and coloured light and smoke are coming out of the houses. Speakers plying evil laughter and so on.
I prefer to keep it simple and chic. To skip the plastic and premade stuff actually make the whole impression more authentic and because of that you need less.
No rule without an exception, and this year I used spiderweb and it did an awesome job. With just one little bag of spiderweb I could put it everywhere. Just to have some spiderweb in for example in the hallway and no other decoration makes it, in my humble opinion, much more scary. Understated works.


ANOTHER SIMPLE GREAT TIP: Find an old towel (or one you know you will not use again) – red paint on hands and move them across the towels in a pattern you would move hem if you where getting killed. Hopefully you don’t know how that is, so you’ll have to freestyle and finally get something from the horror movies the boys made you watch as a teen. If you have a kid in reachable distance, by all means use the childs hands = even creepier. 

This tip goes very well with minimalist decoration. If the house was full of halloween decoration, it would be expected everywhere. Hence no surprise! With few things, each thing have a much bigger effect and surprises your guests. And with a blood towel among your everyday random towels, even the bathroom give your guests the chills…..



KILL TWO BIRDS WITH ONE STONE. Snacks do i leave around the house to help set the halloween atmosphere. As a bonus i just have to make the snacks halloweenish, instead of create both decoration and snacks.

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