5 easy tricks to help you set the Halloween table

How to make that halloween dinner table look like halloween and at the same time appetizing and without drawning in decoration parts. Set a normal table! Use all your nicest stuff and it will look even more scary, like a castle in transylvania.  Pull out the silver candleliers, the big glasses for redwine (blood that is offcourse) and your grandmothers old tablecloth. Minimize the ekstra, the decoration. And try to make something you need already into a part of the decoration. I always use needles filled with ketchup (blood that is offcourse)

So use what you already have, what you are going to use anyway. Pick few colours and let them be halloween colours like black, orange and red.

Find the basics like:


Go through that drawer- is there a curled one or one with spots? Use it like it is. Take that nice white one, but don’t iron it!


Put a simple bow around the cutlery, but choose a black one- It gives it a funeral feel.


Put dead or dying flowers on table. Choose flowers in orange or red, to keep the overall impression classy. But any dead flowers will do.


I choose black candles or white candles where i drip some red from a red candle in the top. When they burn it looks like they are bleeding.

5. It is for real

Think of it as it is really dead people or Draculas dinner table. They would never have plastic halloween decoration. They don’t know what halloween is. Only use what you need for a real dinner and then style it.




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