24 reasons you don’t have to start your X-Mas preparations before december

Do you have a plan for your xmas preparation?

Is the plan to run around like a nuts the days before christmas or have a constant stomack ache from october because you should have started the preparations looong ago??


You don’t have to – you may want to kill me for writing this, but it really isn’t time consuming and difficult to prepare a lovely and elegant christmas.

Don’t start before december – or you will end up feeling like a foie grass goose before christmas eve arrive. Do one thing a day, starting 1 of december. yes every single day, and I still claim it is not time consuming and difficult. Make a list! Write down all the the things you like to do for christmas. NOT what you HAVE to do, but what you like to do. It is your christmas, do what you like.

xmas preparation

Now you propably have less than 24 things- now split them up. Now you will propably have to do in very different sizes. Put the little things the days you are really busy. I know those days are there in december. And thoose days you put the cinemon in the fruitball or whatever small thing is on your list.

If you do one thing for 24 days, you will have a christmas – after your head – at chirstmas eve. A chritsmas you wil be able to enjoy and won’t have to run around like a chicken without a head. You will even be able to enjoy the preparations, because you can concentrate about one thing. Imagine to have a day for cookie cooking with your kids.

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