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Line & Jensen help you design and produce events. Line & Jensen is created for the busy, independent and goodhearted life jugglers, to help you take the hassle out of the art of entertain.


Instead of stress and an event free life, you too can spend the energy on enjoying good company and collect fantastic social experiences. In a way where your guests always will feel well hosted.

Line & Jensen is a chic lifestyle platform for creating memorable events with unique inspiration and intentional styling in all the right places.

Whether you’re an established business or want to spread some sparkle on your private gathering,          Line & Jensen will highlight your special event beautifully and help you stand out among others. And most important; we’ll make it doable for you.

Line Jensen and her team design, plan and guide worldwide from wonderful Copenhagen – the capital of the land of Hygge; Denmark. Where Line Jensen has spent her life doing special events for the business and art scene while being a single mom. She, if anyone, knows about the work-life balance we all struggle with.

Line & Jensen knows the secrets to make and decorate experiences in life without hassle. We are truly excited to soon share our secrets with you.

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